Sebastian Kern

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OBJECTIVE This exploratory study aims to compare lifetime psychiatric axis-I-comorbidity and psychosocial functioning in a clinically referred sample of adult patients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with a population-based healthy control group and to examine whether patients with ADHD and lifetime comorbid diagnoses differ from(More)
BACKGROUND To date, nearly all research of subtype differences in ADHD has been performed in children and only two studies, with conflicting results, have covered this subject in adults with ADHD. OBJECTIVE This study examined subtype differences in the clinical presentation of ADHD-symptoms, related psychopathological features, psychosocial functioning(More)
A numerical method for the analysis of the fields in highly oversized waveguides is proposed in this paper. This method allows the simulation of the fields on waveguide walls with arbitrary surface deformations in the case that the waveguide is highly oversized, and the wall deformations are shallow and smooth. Combined with the analysis method, an(More)
Context. Supersonic turbulence is ubiquitous in the interstellar medium and plays an important role in contemporary star formation. Aims. To perform a high-resolution numerical simulation of supersonic isothermal turbulence driven by compressive large-scale forcing and to analyse various statistical properties. Methods. The compressible Euler equations with(More)
In der Vergangenheit wurden medizintechnische Projekte typischerweise klassisch gemäß V-Modell durchgeführt. Wir untersuchen, wie die klassische Vorgehensweise mit agilen Elementen kombiniert werden kann, so dass man die Flexibilität des agilen Ansatzes nutzen kann und gleichzeitig die strengen Anforderungen an die Abnahme von Medizinprodukten erfüllt(More)
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