Sebastian König

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The paper discusses the first evaluation of a 3D Live-Wire technique that operates on over-segmented 3D mosaic volumes. Pre-processing normalizes data by histogram spreading followed by over-segmentation with region growing. This leads to a robust and intuitive parameter selection for various tissues and image modalities without requiring problem specific(More)
In this paper the authors present a case study from the woodprocessing industry. It focuses on a cutting process in which material from stock is cut down in order to provide the items required by the customers in the desired qualities, sizes, and quantities. In particular, two aspects make this cutting process special. Firstly, the cutting process is(More)
OBJECTIVES This article discusses our new Path-Graph approach for the interactive Live-Wire segmentation method in 2D applied to pre-segmented data. Furthermore, we examine whether or not the Live-Lane extension provides advantages in combination with pre-segmentation. METHODS We automatically over-segment the image data in a preprocessing step, using(More)
In this article we present an extension to the Live-Wire segmentation approach. An automatic preprocessing is done before the interactive segmentation and thus provides an additional level of abstraction. The amount of the interactively processed data is reduced and additional problem specific knowledge is included. We achieve a data reduction of a factor(More)
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