Sebastian J. Schultheiß

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MOTIVATION Understanding transcriptional regulation is one of the main challenges in computational biology. An important problem is the identification of transcription factor (TF) binding sites in promoter regions of potential TF target genes. It is typically approached by position weight matrix-based motif identification algorithms using Gibbs sampling, or(More)
We present Oqtans, an open-source workbench for quantitative transcriptome analysis, that is integrated in Galaxy. Its distinguishing features include customizable computational workflows and a modular pipeline architecture that facilitates comparative assessment of tool and data quality. Oqtans integrates an assortment of machine learning-powered tools(More)
Many projects in computational biology lead to the creation of a small application program or collection of scripts that can be of use to other scientists. A natural progression is to make this tool available via a Web site or by creating a service for it, from now on collectively called ''Web resource.'' We conducted a survey among providers and users of(More)
What is more inspiring than a discussion with the leading scientists in your field? As a student or a young researcher, you have likely been influenced by mentors guiding you in your career and leading you to your current position. Any discussion with or advice from an expert is certainly very helpful for young people. But how often do we have the(More)
Exchanging ideas with like-minded, enthusiastic people interested in the same topic is crucial for the advancement of a scientist's career. Several Regional Student Groups (RSGs) of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) Student Council have cooperated in the last six years to organize scientific workshops and conferences. With motivated(More)
GCB2008 Bioinformatics student get-together All (PhD) students are welcome. Evolutionary Construction of Multiple Graph Alignments for the Structural Analysis of Biomolecules 17:40 Poster Session (odd poster numbers) 19:00 " Music of life " by Pi-XL art&science. Models of cellular automata used in biomathematics generate interactive music based on the human(More)
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