Sebastian Hening

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This paper describes the development of an assistive living robot, which is affordable and can be steered over the Internet by family member to remotely monitor and help assess the wellbeing of an older relative living alone. A commercially available iRobot Create platform was used as a starting point for the Assistive Living Robot. Our system (i) takes(More)
Spatially resolved measurement of thermally induced surface displacements of printed wiring boards using phase-shifted holographic interferometry is discussed. Three separate holograms with three linearly independent illumination beams were recorded. The interferograms were viewed in real time from a fixed detector location, and phase maps corresponding to(More)
Small, inexpensive unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) constructed from off the shelf components can be used in coordinated teams to sample the airspace and provide an accurate mapping of distributed particles from recent volcanic eruptions . The UAVs are constructed from hobbyist RC planes, where the remote control is bypassed by a programmable Arduino(More)
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