Sebastian Heise

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Musicians, sound engineers, and foley artists face the challenge of finding appropriate sounds in vast collections containing thousands of audio files. Imprecise naming and tagging forces users to review dozens of files in order to pick the right sound. Acoustic matching is not necessarily helpful here as it needs a sound exemplar to match with and may miss(More)
Obesity is a heterogeneous disorder which increases risks for multiple metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. The current study aims to characterize and compare visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissues in terms of macromolecular content and investigate transdifferentiation between white and brown adipocytes. Regarding this aim, Fourier transform(More)
Finding a specific or an artistically appropriate sound in a vast collection comprising thousands of audio files containing recordings of, say, footsteps, gunshots, and thunderclaps easily becomes a chore. To improve on this, we have developed an enhanced auditory and graphical zoomable user interface that leverages the human brain's capability to single(More)
We investigated parent-of-origin and allele-specific expression effects on obesity and hepatic gene expression in reciprocal crosses between the Berlin Fat Mouse Inbred line (BFMI) and C57Bl/6NCrl (B6N). We found that F1-males with a BFMI mother developed 1.8 times more fat mass on a high fat diet at 10 weeks than F1-males of a BFMI father. The phenotype(More)
For decades, digital audio workstation software has displayed the content of audio tracks through bare waveforms. We argue that the same real estate on the computer screen can be used for far more expressive and goal-oriented visualizations. Starting from a range of requirements and use cases, this paper discusses existing techniques from such fields as(More)
Whereas virtual musical instruments are prominently featured in many current computer games, the simulations of these instruments are rather cartoonish. We propose to leverage current inexpensive game technology such as accelerometerbased input devices and physics engines in combination with audio processing to create digital replicas of a range of(More)
Economists have long suspected that firm-to-firm relationships might increase price rigidity due to the use of explicit or implicit fixed-price contracts. Using confidential, transaction-level import data from the U.S. Census, I study the pass-through of exchange rate changes and show that prices are in fact substantially more responsive to cost shocks in(More)
Parameters in audio or video editing applications can mostly be controlled by a variety of hardware devices such as MIDI controllers. These, however, usually feature only a limited number of physical knobs arranged in a fixed layout. The hundreds of parameters offered by typical editing software across dozens of windows with distinct arrangements of(More)