Sebastian Heinl

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We report on an effective cluster expansion of CuBr-linked aggregates by the increase of the steric bulk of the Cp(R) ligand in the pentatopic molecules [Cp(R)Fe(η(5)-P5)]. Using [Cp(BIG)Fe(η(5)-P5)] (Cp(BIG)=C5(4-nBuC6H4)5), the novel multishell aggregate [{Cp(BIG)Fe(η(5:2:1:1:1:1:1)-P5)}12(CuBr)92] is obtained. It shows topological analogy to the(More)
Thermolysis of [CpMn(η(6)-cht)] with P4 in 1,3-diisopropylbenzene leads to the formation of the heterocubane [Cp4Mn4P4] () in high yields, as a rare example of 'naked' phosphorus containing complexes of manganese. Compound is characterized and studied by DFT calculations and reflection measurements. 1D coordination polymers [{(CpMn)4(μ3-P)4}(CuX)]n (2-Cl: X(More)
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