Sebastian Gottifredi

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In this work, we will discuss the design of a team of robots to play soccer at RoboCup E-League [7, 6, 1, 8]. This task is being carried out in the Cognitive Robotics group of the Laboratory of Research and Development in Artificial Intellgence (LIDIA), Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Universidad Nacional del Sur. The RoboCup competition(More)
In this work we present a BDI agent architecture to provide mobile soccer robots a high level reasoning mechanism. This architecture is build on top of layered system, where each layer is associated with a different level of abstraction in terms of robotic specification. The proposed approach allows the declarative specification of goal driven robot(More)
In the last decades, most works in the literature have been devoted to study argumentation formalisms that focus on a defeat relation among arguments. Recently, the study of a support relation between arguments regained attention among researchers; the bulk of the research has been centered on the study of support within the context of abstract(More)
This paper introduces an approach for sharing beliefs in collaborative multi-agent application domains where some agents can be more credible than others. In this context, we propose a formalization where every agent has its own partial order among its peers representing the credibility the agent assigns to its informants; each agent will also have a belief(More)
In this paper, we investigate the problem of contraction in Defeasible Logic Programming (DeLP), a logic-based approach for defeasible argumentation. We develop different notions of contraction based on both, the different forms of entailment implicitly existent in argumentation-based formalisms and the influence literals exhibit in the reasoning process.(More)