Sebastian Goebl

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Recently, fiber segmentation has become an emerging technique in neuroscience. Grouping fiber tracts into anatomical meaningful bundles allows to study the structure of the brain and to investigate onset and progression of neurodegenerative and mental diseases. In this paper, we propose a novel technique for fiber tracts based on shape similarity and(More)
Car rides are often perceived as dull by the passengers, especially children. Therefore, we aim to introduce a system fostering a collaborative and communicative experience in this environment. This paper presents the design for a game played together by all car-occupants, including the driver, according to their abilities and capacities. A fully(More)
Integrative mining of heterogeneous data is one of the major challenges for data mining in the next decade. We address the problem of integrative clustering of data with mixed type attributes. Most existing solutions suffer from one or both of the following drawbacks: Either they require input parameters which are difficult to estimate, or/and they do not(More)
The ability to simplify and categorize things is one of the most important elements of human thought, understanding, and learning. The corresponding explorative data analysis techniques -- dimensionality reduction and clustering -- have initially been studied by our community as two separate research topics. Later algorithms like CLIQUE, ORCLUS, 4C, etc.(More)
Social networks play an important role in Web2.0. Formanyusers establishing contacts and staying in touch in the virtual world is more than just aspare time filler.I ns ocial networks likeF acebook theyp rovide much information about themselves in user profiles. Also for online dating the focus is on establishing newcontacts. In general, three types of(More)
How can we fully structure a graph into pieces of meaningful information? Into structures that provide us with insights and carry a meaning beyond simple clustering. How can we also exploit these patterns to compress the graph for fast transmission and easier storage? In many applications of graph analysis like network analysis or medical information(More)
At the present day the world wide web is full of music. Highly effective algorithms for music compression and high data storage has made it easy to access all kind of music easily. However, it is not possible to look for a similar piece of music or a sound as easily as to google for a similar kind of text. Music is filtered by its title or artist. Although(More)
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