Sebastian Goebl

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Background: In laparoscopic inguinal herniorrhaphy, meshes commonly have been fixed with a stapler. Recently, a new mode of fixation using a helical fastener has been introduced. The purpose of this experimental study was to compare the stability achieved by various types of mesh fixation. Methods: In 20 human cadavers, polypropylene meshes 10 × 15 cm in(More)
Integrative mining of heterogeneous data is one of the major challenges for data mining in the next decade. We address the problem of integrative clustering of data with mixed type attributes. Most existing solutions suffer from one or both of the following drawbacks: Either they require input parameters which are difficult to estimate, or/and they do not(More)
In laparoscopic herniorrhaphy, an alternative to mesh fixation with a stapler is now offered by the helical fastener. The helical fastener was used in 46 patients (39 men and 7 women) with 30 unilateral and 15 bilateral inguinal hernias and 1 femoral hernia. We also used a 5-mm optical system, with which we were able to reduce the size of the trocar(More)
BACKGROUND AND METHODS In Graves' disease radioiodine is the recommended treatment for relapses after subtotal thyroidectomy. If patients reject radioiodine, hyperthyroidism is managed with antithyroid drugs; surgery is generally not considered as an alternative. Here we retrospectively analyzed 30 consecutive patients with Graves' disease who had recurrent(More)
Recently, fiber segmentation has become an emerging technique in neuroscience. Grouping fiber tracts into anatomical meaningful bundles allows to study the structure of the brain and to investigate onset and progression of neurodegenerative and mental diseases. In this paper, we propose a novel technique for fiber tracts based on shape similarity and(More)
Car rides are often perceived as dull by the passengers, especially children. Therefore, we aim to introduce a system fostering a collaborative and communicative experience in this environment. This paper presents the design for a game played together by all car-occupants, including the driver, according to their abilities and capacities. A fully(More)
The ability to simplify and categorize things is one of the most important elements of human thought, understanding, and learning. The corresponding explorative data analysis techniques -- dimensionality reduction and clustering -- have initially been studied by our community as two separate research topics. Later algorithms like CLIQUE, ORCLUS, 4C, etc.(More)
To elucidate mechanisms which may be responsible for the haematopoietic insufficiency in hairy cell leukaemia (HCL), we investigated in an autologous in vitro system the influence of haematopoietic growth factors (CSFs) and the effects of hairy cells (HCs) as well as T cells on the formation of haematopoietic colonies (CFU). Colony forming assays were(More)