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LONG PAPER. BaseX is an early adopter of the upcom-ing XQuery Full Text Recommendation. This paper presents some of the enhancements made to the XML database to fully support the language extensions. The system's data and index structures are described, and implementation details are given on the XQuery compiler, which supports sequential scanning,(More)
BaseX is an early adopter of the upcoming XQuery Full Text Recommendation. This extended abstract describes the challenges of joining the INEX Efficiency Track using BaseX, an XML database system. We will describe some of the problems we encountered during the application of XQuery Full Text to the INEX topic set and discuss the remaining comparability(More)
• XML documents serve variable contents with total flexible structure • for efficient processing XML databases are essential • special class of XML documents containing a lot of textual content Observations • XML data is sorted in different ways, e.g. native databases • XPath/XQuery define various querying opportunities with structural and content based(More)
This Master Thesis illustrates the conception, development and implementation of a Full-Text extension for a XML database system. BaseX, the underlying native open source XML database system, has an efficient XQuery processor, which will be extended by the XQuery Full-Text functionality. In addition to the implementation of the Full-Text functionality, a(More)
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