Sebastian Gardt

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The xylariaceous genus Rhopalostroma comprises a small conglomerate of stromatic, angiosperm-associated pyrenomycetes, which have so far exclusively been reported from the palaeotropics, above all from tropical Africa and South Asia. Morphological and chemotaxonomic studies had suggested their close relationship to the genera Daldinia and Hypoxylon.(More)
We used a combination of molecular-phylogenetic inference of 82 ITS rDNA sequences and anatomical approach to describe three new west African thelephoroid species, namely Tomentella afrostuposa, T. guineensis and T. guinkoi. Anatomically, T. afrostuposa is reminiscent of T. stuposa with globose to broadly ellipsoid large basidiospores of 8–14 μm, long(More)
Nonspecific and specific inflammatory disorders of the cervical vertebrae can be caused by diseases of the ear, nose and throat. In 16% of the patients with a dislocation of the atlanto-axial joint the aetiological factors pertain to the field of ENT. In 60% of these patients the disease is caused by an infection of the upper respiratory tract.
Innerhalb von 10 Jahren wurden in der Kinderchirurgischen Universitätsklinik Mainz 13 Kinder mit Frakturen der Handwurzelknochen behandelt. Das Os naviculare (Os scaphoideum) war 10mal, das Os pisiforme, Os triquetrum und Os lunatum je 1mal betroffen. Der jüngste Patient war 10, der älteste 14 Jahre alt. 10 Kinder wiesen einfache Brüche auf; in 3 Fällen war(More)
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