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In this paper, a novel workflow platform as a service is presented 1. The paper describes how existing components of adaptive workflow technology are integrated and extended towards a cloud platform on which individual users as well as small business enterprises may model, execute and adapt workflows without the need to possess an own workflow management(More)
Creation and adaptation of workflows is a difficult and costly task that is currently performed by human workflow modeling experts. Our paper describes a new approach for the automatic adaptation of workflows, which makes use of a case base of former workflow adaptations. We propose a general framework for case-based adaptation of workflows and then focus(More)
We propose a personal workflow management service as part of a social network that enables private users to construct personal workflows according to their specific needs and to keep track of the workflow execution. Unlike traditional workflows, such personal workflows aim at supporting processes that contain personal tasks and data. Our proposal includes a(More)
The Collaborative Agile Knowledge Engine (CAKE) is a prototypical generic software system for integrated process and knowledge management. CAKE integrates recent research results on agile workflows, process-oriented case-based reasoning, and web technologies into a common platform that can be configured to different application domains and needs. We(More)
In this paper we explore the concept of a real-time workflow collaboration platform. The work presents how a cloud-based Workflow Management System (WfMS) combines the technologic features which are offered by the cloud computing paradigm with a developed resource model for collaboration and reuse of experiential knowledge in workflows. It is based on a(More)