Sebastian Fleischhauer

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  • Amek N Bayoh, Hamel M, Lindblade Ka, Gimnig J, Laserson Kf, Slutsker L Smith +85 others
  • 2012
(2011) Spatio-temporal modeling of sparse geostatistical malaria sporozoite rate data using a zero inflated binomial model. (2011) Risk stratification for 1-year mortality in acute heart failure: classification and regression tree analysis. Bayesian first order auto-regressive latent variable models for multiple binary sequences. Non-stationary partition(More)
BACKGROUND The nitroreductase/5-(azaridin-1-yl)-2,4-dinitrobenzamide (NTR/CB1954) enzyme/prodrug system is considered as a promising candidate for anti-cancer strategies by gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (GDEPT) and has recently entered clinical trials. It requires the genetic modification of tumor cells to express the E. coli enzyme nitroreductase(More)
  • Gambon R, Barthelmes D Amstutz, C Fleischhauer, Kurz-Levin M, Zweifel S, Mitchell P Bressler +48 others
  • 2015
1. Preliminary results of aflibercept in treatment-naive choroidal neovascularization of wet age-related macular degeneration. 2. Patient-reported visual function outcomes improve after ranibizumab treatment in patients with vision impairment due to diabetic macular edema: randomized clinical trial. 3. Hyaloidotomy for subhyaloidal hemorrhage: OCT findings(More)
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