Sebastian F. Walter

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This thesis provides a framework for the evaluation of first and higher-order derivatives and Taylor series expansions through large computer programs that contain numerical linear algebra (NLA) functions. It is a generalization of traditional algorithmic differentiation (AD) techniques in that NLA functions are regarded as black boxes where the inputs and(More)
This paper is concerned with the efficient evaluation of higher-order derivatives of functions $f$ that are composed of matrix operations. I.e., we want to compute the $D$-th derivative tensor $\nabla^D f(X) \in \mathbb R^{N^D}$, where $f:\mathbb R^{N} \to \mathbb R$ is given as an algorithm that consists of many matrix operations. We propose a method that(More)
We derive algorithms for higher order derivative computation of the rectangular QR and eigenvalue decomposition of symmetric matrices with distinct eigenvalues in the forward and reverse mode of algorithmic differentiation (AD) using univariate Taylor propagation of matrices (UTPM). Linear algebra functions are regarded as elementary functions and not as(More)
We present a novel derivative-based parameter identification method to improve the precision at the tool center point of an industrial manipulator. The tool center point is directly considered in the optimization as part of the problem formulation as a key performance indicator. Additionally, our proposed method takes collision avoidance as special(More)
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