Sebastian Ertel

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Many distributed applications deployed on the Internet must operate continuously with no noticeable interruption of service. Such 24/7 availability requirements make the maintenance of these application difficult because fixing bugs or adding new functionality necessitates the online replacement of the software version by the new one, i.e., a "live update".(More)
Concurrent programming has always been a challenging task best left to expert developers. Yet, with the advent of multi-core systems, programs have to explicitly deal with multithreading to fully exploit the parallel processing capabilities of the underlying hardware. There has been much research over the last decade on abstractions to develop concurrent(More)
Arbeitgeber haben ein Interesse daran, möglichst viele Informationen über die Bewerber zu erheben und zur Grundlage ihrer Einstellungsentscheidung zu machen. Bewerber haben ein Interesse daran ihre Privatsphäre zu schützen, selbst wenn ihnen viel an dem vermeintlichen Traumjob liegt. Der Beitrag dient als Orientierungshilfe, welche Informationen der(More)
Introduction. In the area of data integration and middleware, distributed data processing systems create directed workflows to perform data cleansing, consolidation and calculations before emitting results to targets such as data warehouses. To provide fault tolerance, expensive system-wide checkpoints of distributed workflows want to be performed on the(More)
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