Sebastian Dungs

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OBJECTIVES The main objective of this study is to learn more on the image use and search requirements of radiologists. These requirements will then be taken into account to develop a new search system for images and associated meta data search in the Khresmoi project. METHODS Observations of the radiology workflow, case discussions and a literature review(More)
The open-source system ezDL is presented. It is an interactive search tool, a development platform for interactive IR systems, and an evaluation system. ezDL can be used as a meta-search system for heterogeneous sources or digital libraries, allows organizing and filtering of merged results, offers support for search sessions as well as a personal library(More)
In this demonstration we present the Khresmoi medical search and access system. The system uses a component based architecture housed in the cloud to support target users medical information needs. This includes web systems, computer applications and mobile applications to support the multilingual and multimodal information needs of three test target(More)
This paper introduces Hidden Markov Models (HMM) for modelling user’s search behaviour in a digital library search scenario. Three potential applications of these models have been identified in the literature: System evaluation, simulation of user activity and user guidance. Models have been generated from 36 eye tracking log files, where smaller models up(More)
ezDL is an open-source IR frontend system supporting proactivity, higher level search activities, the digital library life cycle, and collaboration of searchers. The ezDL framework is based on an extensible, service-oriented architecture, with user clients running on the desktop, in a browser or as a smartphone app. For performing user-centered evaluations,(More)
and Objective The Khresmoi project is developing a multilingual multimodal search and access system for medical and health information and documents. This scientific demonstration presents the current state of the Khresmoi integrated system, which includes components for text and image annotation, semantic search, search by image similarity and machine(More)