Sebastian Drössler

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Techniques for hardware virtualization have been successfully used to provide hardware-independent services and increase isolation between applications in the desktop domain. However, these characteristics make hardware virtualization also interesting for other domains like those involving control tasks. Since these techniques were initially not conceived(More)
This paper presents two fully polynomial-time sufficient feasibility tests for EDF when considering periodic tasks with arbitrary deadlines and preemptive scheduling on uniprocessors. Both proposed methods are proven, analytically and by means of an extensive experimental comparison, to be more accurate than known polynomial-time feasibility tests.(More)
Virtual Machines (VMs) allow for platform-independent software development and their use in embedded systems is increasing. In particular, VMs are rewarding in the context of mixed-criticality applications to provide isolation between critical and non-critical tasks running on the same processor. In this paper, we study the design of a real-time system(More)
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