Sebastian Dornstauder

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Process Management has become an acknowledged technology for application integration. However, different applications leverage from different process modeling capabilities. Thus, domain specific process management becomes more and more relevant. In this paper we present our solution for an abstract process modeling method and language based on an extensible(More)
"The only constant is change" is an often cited phrase. We regard it as predominant for the area of process based information systems. In this paper we investigate how evolution of process based information systems can be supported by a process modeling framework that easily can be adjusted to changing requirements of an application domain. Our key(More)
We present the process modeling and execution tools iPM and iPE that can dynamically be adjusted to domain specific requirements. While many publications about iPM are focusing on its modeling flexibility, this paper concentrates on its capability to execute such customized process models. The iPM execution environment (called iPE) is based upon a template(More)
Healthcare applications are demanding with respect to their IT needs. Due to their complexity they need strong IT support which must provide enough freedom to their users in the medical domain because of the high degree of flexibility required by them. We have chosen a process based technology, called data logistics, which can cope with these almost(More)
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