Sebastian Derwisch

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The role of Intellectual Property Management in facilitating the agricultural transformation process in developing countries is unknown and discussed in a very controversial way. This paper conceptualises a framework for assessing the impact of Intellectual Property Management on the seed sector in West Africa. At the core of such assessment are a number of(More)
Tropical tree plantations may play an important role in mitigating CO2 emissions through their potential to capture and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as well as voluntary initiatives provide economic incentives for afforestation and reforestation efforts through the generation and sale of carbon credits. The(More)
The role of foreign direct investment and intellectual property rights in economic development is discussed widely in the literature. However, an integrating framework is missing to assess the role of FDI and IPR for agricultural development. This paper establishes a framework to assess the role of FDI and IPR for seed sector development in developing(More)
Seed of improved varieties and other inputs are imperative to the transformation of the agricultural sector from subsistence farming to small-scale commercial agriculture in developing countries. This paper analyzes the adoption and diffusion process of improved seed by farmers in West Africa. The literature about farmers’ adoption of new agricultural(More)
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