Sebastian Darr

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RNase P is the ribonucleoprotein enzyme that cleaves precursor sequences from the 5' ends of pre-tRNAs. In Bacteria, the RNA subunit is the catalytic moiety. Eucaryal and archaeal RNase P activities copurify with RNAs, which have not been shown to be catalytic. We report here the analysis of the RNase P RNA from the thermoacidophilic archaeon Sulfolobus(More)
A collection of 17 monoclonal antibodies elicited against the light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b protein complex which serves photosystem II (LHC-II) of Pisum sativum shows six classes of binding specificity. Antibodies of two of the classes recognize a single polypeptide (the 28- or the 26- kD polypeptides), thereby suggesting that the two proteins are not(More)
BACKGROUND Human adenoviruses (HAdV) are causing a broad spectrum of diseases. One of the most severe forms of adenovirus infection is a disseminated disease resulting in significant morbidity and mortality. Several reports in recent years have identified HAdV-31 from species A (HAdV-A31) as a cause of disseminated disease in children following(More)
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