Sebastian C Junggeburth

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The alkaline earth nitridogermanate nitrides AE(7)[GeN(4)]N(2) (AE = Ca, Sr) have been synthesized using a Na flux technique in sealed Ta tubes. According to single-crystal X-ray diffraction the isotypic compounds crystallize in space group Pbcn (No. 60) with Z = 4, (Sr(7)[GeN(4)]N(2): a = 1152.6(2), b = 658.66(13), c = 1383.6(3) pm, V = 1050.5(4) x 10(6)(More)
The title compound, [Sb(2)(C(6)H(5))(6)(CH(3)O)(2)O]·2CH(3)OH, is the methanol disolvate of a dinuclear triphenyl-anti-mony derivative. The mol-ecule shows C(s) symmetry. The Sb-O-Sb angles cover a range from 89.65 (10)° to 102.08 (13)°. In the crystal structure, two O-H⋯O hydrogen bonds are present.
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