Sebastian Buchwald

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We present a simple SSA construction algorithm, which allows direct translation from an abstract syntax tree or bytecode into an SSA-based intermediate representation. The algorithm requires no prior analysis and ensures that even during construction the intermediate representation is in SSA form. This allows the application of SSA-based optimizations(More)
We describe the results of the Transformation Tool Contest 2010 workshop, in which nine graph and model transformation tools were compared for specifying model migration. The model migration problem—migration of UML activity diagrams from version 1.4 to version 2.2—is non-trivial and practically relevant. The solutions have been compared with respect to(More)
Every compiler comes with a set of local optimization rules, such as x + 0 → x and x & x → x, that do not require any global analysis. These rules reflect the wisdom of the compiler developers about mathematical identities that hold for the operations of their intermediate representation. Unfortunately, these sets of hand-crafted rules guarantee neither(More)
Modern compilers use intermediate representations in static single assignment (SSA) form, which simplifies many optimizations. However, the high implementation complexity of efficient SSA construction algorithms poses a challenge to verified compilers. In this paper, we consider a variant of the recent SSA construction algorithm by Braun et al. that(More)
We study the compilation of X10 to novel, highly scalable hardware architectures in the scope of the InvasIC project. To this end, we describe the implementation of a machine code backend and its integration into the existing X10 compiler. In our implementation, the graph-based intermediate representation Firm is used. We identify several issues in the(More)