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Pax6 is a regulatory gene with restricted expression and essential functions in the developing eye and pancreas and distinct domains of the CNS. In this study we report the identification of three conserved transcription start sites (P0, P1, alpha) in the murine Pax6 locus. Furthermore, using transgenic mouse technology we localized independent(More)
Transient segmentation in the hindbrain is a fundamental morphogenetic phenomenon in the vertebrate embryo, and the restricted expression of subsets of Hox genes in the developing rhombomeric units and their derivatives is linked with regional specification. Here we show that patterning of the vertebrate hindbrain involves the direct upregulation of the(More)
Dendritic cells are the professional antigen presenting cells of innate immunity and key players in maintaining the balance of immune responses. Studies with dendritic cells are mainly limited by their low numbers in vivo and their difficult maintenance in vitro. We differentiated bone marrow cells from transgenic mice expressing an inducible SV40 large(More)
Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) is an inherited immunodeficiency, caused by the inability of neutrophils to produce functional NADPH oxidase required for fighting microbial infections. The X-linked form of CGD (X-CGD), which is due to mutations in the CYBB (gp91phox) gene, a component of NADPH oxidase, accounts for about two-thirds of CGD cases. We(More)
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