Sebastian Bittmann

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Enterprise wikis enable communication, consolidation and sharing of knowledge. Recently they have gained a wide acceptance. In contrast, enterprise modelling provides a holistic view on the enterprise from a managerial point of view. It focuses not on the knowledge and experience that have been obtained from the execution of operative processes by the(More)
Thequality determination of businessprocessm odels is ac omplex and demanding task. In literature,aplethorao fd ifferent quality criteria can be identified anda re respectivelyu sedb yp ractitioners. Thes election of quality criteria depends on theo ne hand on ther espectivep references of thei ndividual modeller.Onthe other hand,itis prescribed by(More)
Leading an enterprise requires, obviously, decision making. However, these decisions require explanations in order to make it possible for stakeholders to get an understanding about the enterprise's strategic direction. This is even more important when these stakeholders are in charge to transpose such strategic decision into their tactical or operational(More)
The planning and design of information systems is an increasingly complex and challenging task. With respect to recent developments regarding an individual as a constituting and highly creative impact on the respective organizational structures and application systems, methods are required for a sophisticated inclusion of these actors in the design of(More)
Reacting on an unstable environment in an agile manner is a creative driven act. The creative needs may be motivated by the amount of possible solutions, from which one solution might be selected, that fits the respective enterprise perfectly. However , enterprise model might be defined as an instrument that offers the development of solutions under the(More)
With an increasing on agility, respectively the adaptation of IT artefacts with respect to changing requirements, a resource with an increasing importance for the differentiation of one enterprise towards its competitors is the human capital. Thereby, in this paper it will be argued that in order to use such human capital, a demanding influence is the(More)