Sebastian Bittmann

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Enterprise wikis enable communication, consolidation and sharing of knowledge. Recently they have gained a wide acceptance. In contrast, enterprise modelling provides a holistic view on the enterprise from a managerial point of view. It focuses not on the knowledge and experience that have been obtained from the execution of operative processes by the(More)
The planning and design of information systems is an increasingly complex and challenging task. With respect to recent developments regarding an individual as a constituting and highly creative impact on the respective organizational structures and application systems, methods are required for a sophisticated inclusion of these actors in the design of(More)
Business process modelling initiativesfrequently makeuse of semi-formal modelling languages for depicting the business processes and their control flows. While these representations are beneficial for the analysis, simulation and automatic execution of processes, theya re not necessarily the best option to communicate process knowledge required by employees(More)
Der Geist der Forschers, der sich vond er Erfahrung hat modellieren lassen, wird das Spielfeld vong eistigen Operationen, welche die Erfahrung in Modelle verwandeln und andere geistige Operationen ermöglichen. Abstract: Conceptual modelling is ac onstituting and popular theme in information systems research. With the proposal of different languages,(More)