Sebastian Bisler

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Modified tactile information has been shown to induce adaptive plasticity in the somatosensory cortex of rat. The cellular mechanisms resulting in plastic neuronal responses, however, are largely unknown. Inducible transcription factors have been proposed as one major link in the cascade from modified input to altered neuronal structure and function. We(More)
Recent work has shown that behaviorally meaningful sensory information processing is accompanied by the induction of several transcription factors in the barrel cortex of rodents. It is now generally accepted that stimulus-transcription coupling is an important step in the sequence of events leading to long-term plastic changes in neuronal structure and(More)
Tactile information acquired through the vibrissae is of high behavioral relevance for rodents. Numerous physiological studies have shown adaptive plasticity of cortical receptive field properties due to stimulation and/or manipulation of the whiskers. However, the cellular mechanisms leading to these plastic processes remain largely unknown. Although(More)
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