Sebastian Binnewies

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The recent years have seen several proposals aimed at placing the revision of logic programs within the belief change frameworks established for classical logic. A crucial challenge of this task lies in the nonmonotonicity of standard logic programming semantics. Existing approaches have thus used the monotonic characterisation via SE-models to develop(More)
With the increasing adoption of an event-based perspective in many organizations, the demands for automatic processing of events are becoming more sophisticated. Although complex event processing systems can process events in near real-time, these systems rely heavily upon human domain experts. This becomes an issue in application areas that are rich in(More)
Recent methods have adapted the well-established AGM and belief base frameworks for belief change to cover belief revision in logic programs. In this study here, we present two new sets of belief change operators for logic programs. They focus on preserving the explicit relationships expressed in the rules of a program, a feature that is missing in purely(More)