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SUMMARY We present an iterative approach to solve separable nonlinear least squares problems arising in the estimation of wavelength-dependent point spread function (PSF) parameters for hyperspectral imaging. A variable projection Gauss-Newton method is used to solve the nonlinear least squares problem. An analysis shows that the Jacobian can be potentially(More)
This paper is concerned with deblurring and spectral analysis of ground-based astronomical images of space objects. A numerical approach is provided for deblurring and sparse unmixing of ground-based hyperspectral images (HSI) of objects taken through atmospheric turbulence. Hyperspectral imaging systems capture a 3D datacube (tensor) containing: 2D spatial(More)
There has recently been significant interest within the vibrational spectroscopy community to apply quantitative spectroscopic imaging techniques to histology and clinical diagnosis. However, many of the proposed methods require collecting spectroscopic images that have a similar region size and resolution to the corresponding histological images. Since(More)
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