Sebastian Benthall

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A challenging problem in dissent networking is that of circumventing large-scale communication blackouts imposed by oppressive governments. Although prior work has not focused on the need for user anonymity, we contend that it is essential. Without anonymity, governments can use communication networks to track and persecute users. A key challenge for(More)
We approach the problem of software assurance in a novel way inspired by an analytic framework used in natural hazard risk mitigation. Existing approaches to software assurance focus on evaluating individual software projects in isolation. We demonstrate a technique that evaluates an entire ecosystem of software projects, taking into account the dependencey(More)
The software supply chain is a source of cybersecurity risk for many commercial and government organizations. Public data may be used to inform automated tools for detecting software supply chain risk during continuous integration and deployment. We link data from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) with open version control data for the open source(More)
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