Sebastian Becker

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1 Does perception have content? David Lewis thought so. In his view, 'someone sees if and only if the scene before his eyes causes matching visual experi-ence', where 'visual experience has informational content about the scene before the eyes, and it matches the scene to the extent that its content is correct'. 1 'Visual experience'? Lewis presupposes that(More)
Perception and transduction of temperature changes result in altered growth enabling plants to adapt to increased ambient temperature. While PHYTOCHROME-INTERACTING FACTOR4 (PIF4) has been identified as a major ambient temperature signaling hub, its upstream regulation seems complex and is poorly understood. Here, we exploited natural variation for(More)
In this paper, we will sketch a project in progress. The project aims at an application of a command and control system. The application is meant to process military reports written in natural language. It exploits computer linguistic techniques, especially information extraction and ontological augmentation. A prototype has already be completed. A real(More)
Functional Electrical Stimulation is a commonly used method in clinical rehabilitation and research to trigger useful muscle contractions by electrical stimuli. In this work, we present a stimulation system for transcutaneous electrical stimulation that gives extensive control over the stimulation waveform and the stimulation timing. The system supports(More)
Für die automatisierte Bewertung von Lösungen zu Programmieraufgaben wurde mittlerweile eine Vielzahl an Grader-Programmen zu unterschiedlichen Programmiersprachen entwickelt. Um Lernenden wie Lehrenden Zugang zur möglichst vielen Gradern über das gewohnte LMS zu ermöglichen wird das Konzept einer generischen Web-Serviceschnittstelle (Grappa) vorgestellt,(More)
1. Introduction ''Our cash accounting goes back to organisational principles of the Prussian State. [.. .] It was tailor-made for the public sector and has worked for centuries. It is a successful model in the public sector. [.. .] As Beamte [i.e. German for civil servants] we have all sworn an oath that we will serve for the good of the nation and that we(More)