Sebastian Böhm

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This work is motivated by experiences in the course of developing an ontology-based application within a real-world setting. We found out that current benchmarks are not well suited to provide helpful hints for users who seek for an appropriate reasoning system able to deal with expressive terminological descriptions, large volumes of asser-tional data, and(More)
Finding the optimal selection of an OWL reasoner and service interface for a specific ontology-based application is challenging. Over time it has become more and more difficult to match application requirements with service offerings from available reasoning engines, in particular with recent optimizations for certain reasoning services and new reasoning(More)
We present IYOUIT, a prototype service to pioneer a context-aware mobile digital lifestyle and its reflection on the Web. The application is based on a distributed infrastructure that incorporates Semantic Web technologies in several places to derive qualitative interpretations of a user's digital traces in the real world. Networked components map(More)
In this paper we describe our ongoing work and first prototypes in the area of advertising on public screens in combination with mobile devices. We are especially interested in exploiting personal user profiles and explicit input from users in order to provide appropriate advertisement content. Static displays such as paper posters as well as dynamic(More)
This paper explores the possibilities and core technologies of the ongoing development towards the Semantic Web for desktop application enhancement. It demonstrates how an ontology-based software can provide refined support for personal information organization. The Web Ontology Language and reasoning mechanisms based on Description Logics (DL) are analyzed(More)
Mondial pervasive games exchange the game board for earth’s surface and the users themselves wander over the earth as game pieces over the game board. ContextKing is a mondial pervasive game that uses sensory inputs from the real-world to create a new game experience that can be played within the user’s social network, whenever the user(More)
We have implemented and evaluated IYOUIT, a context-aware application for the mobile phone that promotes a digital lifestyle, sharing, and life-logging approach for people on the go. The service incorporates context management technology to abstract data about and around the user into meaningful interpretations of the user's digital trace in the real world.(More)