Sebastian Arias

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In the nearly 60 years of spaceflight we have accomplished wonderful feats of exploration and shown the incredible spirit of the human drive to explore and understand our universe. Yet in those 60 years we have barely left our solar system with the Voyager 1 spacecraft launched in 1977 finally leaving the solar system after 37 years of flight at a speed of(More)
the problem of word sense ambiguity (also known as polysemous semantic ambiguity) affects a number of fields of knowledge. Consequently, and because of its relevance, several branches of science have tried to solve it. Polysemous semantic ambiguity occurs when one word has more than one meaning or sense in a sentence. In this paper, the authors propose a(More)
1 Reception date: May 3th, 2013. Acceptance date: February 13, 2014. This article derived from Apoyo al Grupo de Sistemas Inteligentes Web-Sintelweb project. National call Apoyo para el Fortalecimiento de Grupos de Investigación o Creación Artística que Soporten Programas de Posgrado from National Colombia University, 2012, code 205010011129, developed by(More)
Calibration is an important process in traffic microsimulation modelling since it enables to represent reality more accurately. In this research we present a general methodology for the calibration process and develop a calibration software for Transmodeler traffic microsimulation. This software follows this methodology and has specific methods for its main(More)
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