Sebastian Adamczyk

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When ischemic brain is reperfused, there is in vulnerable neurons immediate inhibition of protein synthesis associated with a large increase in phosphorylation of the alpha-subunit of eukaryotic initiation factor 2 [eIF2alpha, phosphorylated form eIF2alpha(P)]. We examined eIF2alpha kinase and eIF2alpha(P) phosphatase activity in brain homogenate(More)
circuits, a lumped-element approximation can be applied when the electrical size K. Hoffmann, " Handbook of microwave integrated circuits, ". (Artech House. Handbook of Microwave Integrated Circuits. random pressure fields using covariance and spectral proper transformations " pdf. tivity of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) the results of optimized radio(More)
The incidence of cancer is constantly increasing. Chemo/radiotherapy is one of major methods of treating cancer. Although adverse chemo/radiotherapy events, such as anemia and neutropenia, can be successfully cured, thrombocytopenia is still problematic. We constructed the Hyper-IL11 (H11) cytokine by linking soluble interleukin 11 receptor alpha(More)
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