Sebastian Abele

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Today's material handling equipment and industrial automation solutions allow timely adaptation to changing environmental conditions within certain limits. However, in general the planning of material handling systems is a knowledge-driven, non-transparent and time-consuming planning procedure. The aim of the approach presented in this paper is the(More)
The hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis maintains circulating thyroid hormone levels in a narrow physiological range. As axons containing thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) terminate on hypothalamic tanycytes, these specialized glial cells have been suggested to influence the activity of the HPT axis, but their exact role remained enigmatic. Here, we(More)
Modern manufacturing systems based on cyber-physical systems with a growing amount of software allow frequent updates and reconfigurations to adapt the systems to volatile usage scenarios in the production. A diverse system environment arises even for similar or equal subsystems based on the same platform used at different locations. A major challenge for(More)
With growing complexity of premium cars, the end-of-line test systems also increase in complexity. The test systems have to provide more and more functionality like flashing of electronic control units (ECUs) and sensor calibration. Current end-of-line test systems evolved to complex networked IT-systems, which consist of various components and subsystems(More)
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