Sebastiaan Blok

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Piecewise removal of myomata (fibroids, benign tumors) from the uterine wall is performed using a hystero-resectoscope inserted through the vagina. Only radical removal of the myoma prevents regrowth, whereas penetration of the uterine wall should be avoided. Preoperative MR (Magnetic Resonance) images show the full outline and the location of the myoma in(More)
Focal infections are a well known triggering factor in patients with psoriasis. A question which remains to be answered is whether relapsing of psoriasis after infections is a constitutional trait of a restricted population or whether it is a feature of all patients in some phase of their disease. A questionnaire was mailed to patients with psoriasis(More)
OBJECTIVES Depressive disorder (DD) is a complex disease, and the assessment of work ability in patients with DD is also complicated. The checklist depression (CDp) has recently been developed to support such work ability assessments and has been recommended for implementation in insurance medicine, starting with an analysis of the organisational and social(More)
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