Sebastián Urquijo

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Although episodic memory deficit in patients with multiple sclerosis (ME) is a well established fact, there is no agreement about the origin of this disorder in terms of cognitive processes. Whereas most of the studies attribute this deficit to defects in memory recovery processes, others contribute evidence in favor of the hypothesis that considers that it(More)
Resumen: La mayoría de los niños con dificultades en la comprensión lectora poseen rendimientos inferiores en un conjunto de procesos cognitivos. El objetivo del presente estudio es establecer un perfil cognitivo asociado al bajo rendimiento en comprensión lectora en relación a la habilidad de monitoreo, a la producción de inferencias, al vocabulario, a la(More)
Executive Functions (EF) exercise control over an individual's conduct and thinking through a set of functionally independent processes, among which are cognitive flexibility (reactive and spontaneous), working memory and planning. The development patterns of these components appear to have stages of acceleration and deceleration during childhood. Studies(More)
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