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Automated consistency checking of UML models becomes necessary as models grow in size and complexity. Since the UML metamodel does not enforce model consistency, there are no fixed guidelines on how to approach the consistency problem. Current solutions are generally partial. The translation of the metamodel and the user designed model into Description(More)
Preface Quality constitutes an important topic in software engineering and becomes an essential issue in studies on using models in software engineering. Software quality management is already widely researched and approached from multiple perspectives and viewpoints. However, the introduction of a new paradigm in software development – namely Model Driven(More)
Designing a product line architecture can be approached from scratch or by deducing it after having built a series of similar products. We hereby present a different approach where we designed a product line architecture after only one product was built. Given MCC+, a product for consistency checking of different diagrams in a UML model, we identified the(More)
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