Sebastián Mealla C.

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The maturation process of the NIME field has brought a growing interest in teaching the design and implementation of Digital Music Instruments (DMIs) as well as in finding objective evaluation methods to assess the suitability of these outcomes. In this paper we propose a methodology for teaching NIME design and a set of tools meant to inform the design(More)
In this paper we describe a work in progress of a mixed-reality framework based on tangible interface applied to a video game designed for children. This video game, called PIPLEX, lays on the ability of the users to solve a puzzle through modelling malleable materials (namely plasticine and cardboard). We explain the implementation of PIPLEX, its(More)
In this article, we evaluate <i>b-Reactable</i>, a digital music instrument that combines implicit physiology-based interaction through EEG and ECG, and explicit gestural interaction for sound generation and control. This multimodality is embodied in tangible objects named <i>physiopucks,</i> which are driven by biosignals. We hypothesize that multimodality(More)
The use of physiological signals in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is becoming popular and widespread, mostly due to sensors miniaturization and advances in real-time processing. However, most of the studies that use physiologybased interaction focus on single-user paradigms, and its usage in collaborative scenarios is still in its beginning. In this(More)
The field of physiology-based interaction and monitoring is developing at a fast pace. Emerging applications like fatigue monitoring often use sound to convey complex dynamics of biological signals and to provide an alternative, non-visual information channel. Most Physiology-to-Sound mappings in such auditory displays do not allow customization by the(More)
Interaction designers often use machine learning tools to generate intuitive mappings between complex inputs and outputs. These tools are usually trained live, which is not always feasible or practical. We combine RepoVizz, an online repository and visualizer for multimodal data, with a suite of Interactive Machine Learning tools, to demonstrate a technical(More)
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