Sebastián Bañón

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For 20 weeks, the physiological responses of Euonymus japonica plants to different irrigation sources were studied. Four irrigation treatments were applied at 100 % water holding capacity: control (electrical conductivity (EC) <0.9 dS m−1); irrigation water normally used in the area (irrigator’s water) IW (EC: 1.7 dS m−1); NaCl solution, NaCl (EC: 4 dS(More)
Currently, irrigation using recycled water is increasing, especially in semiarid environments, but a potential problem of using reclaimed wastewater is its elevated salt levels. The application of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) could be a suitable option to mitigate the negative effects produced by the salinity. In this work, the combined effect of(More)
The irrigation water requirements and sensitivity to water deficits of ornamental plants is of great interest to horticultural producers for planning irrigation strategies. The effect of different deficit irrigation strategies on physiological and morphological parameters in geranium plants was studied in different growth phases to evaluate how such(More)
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