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Chagas' disease is the most important endemic arthropod-zoonosis in Argentina with an estimated 1.6 million people infected with the causative agent Trypanosoma cruzi. Triatoma infestans is the main(More)
Two neotropical freshwater fish species, Cnesterodom decemmaculatus (Poeciliidae) and Jenynsia multidentata (Anablepidae), were collected from human-made ditches, a common habitat of the house(More)
Tropidacris collaris (Orthoptera: Romaleidae) is a large and voracious grasshopper, which, in recent years, has become a recurrent pest in increasingly extensive areas of Argentina’s northern(More)
Leptolegnia chapmanii is an aquatic fungus that has demonstrated marked pathogenicity towards the larvae of a number of mosquito species with little or no effect on non-target insects. The aim of(More)
The effect of temperature on the production, survival and infectivity of zoospores of an Argentinean isolate of Leptolegnia chapmanii was determined under laboratory conditions. Production of(More)
Endophytic fungi are ubiquitous and live within host plants without causing any noticeable symptoms of disease. Little is known about the diversity and function of fungal endophytes in plants,(More)