Sebastián A. Pelizza

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Our aim was to evaluate the efficacy of combinations between two biorational insecticides (luphenuron, methoxyfenozide), a new synthetic chemical pesticide (rynaxypyr), and three entomopathogenic fungi strains (Beauveria bassiana LPSc 1067, LPSc1082), and Metarhizium anisopliae (LPSc 907) in the biocontrol of the pest grasshopper Ronderosia bergi (Stål)(More)
The genus Geolegnia represents a poorly documented group of saprolegnialean oomycetes isolated from soils as free-living organisms. Although it is morphologically similar to the facultative parasitic genus Leptolegnia, Geolegnia presents the uncommon property of having lost a flagellate stage in its lifecycle. Based on ITS and large subunit (LSU) rRNA(More)
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