Sebahat Atar Gürel

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to determine the extent of early postpartum low mood and possible relevant variables in our population. STUDY DESIGN Depressive symptoms were examined in a sample of 85 women in the first week of postpartum period using Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). The relevant sociodemographic variables were tested by multiple(More)
BACKGROUND To determine the possible risk factors in our population. METHODS From 250 patients attending our clinic 28 patients with pelvic relaxation were the study group and the rest, 222 in all, were the control group. RESULTS Age, marriage period, parity and number of abortus in pelvic relaxation group are found to be significantly higher with(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the effect of grandmultiparity on chronic pelvic pain and sexual complaints. METHODS 71 grandmultiparas and 65 non-grandmultiparas were interviewed. RESULTS Pelvic pain, chronic pelvic pain and other pain compliants were significantly more frequent in grandmultiparas than non-grandmultiparas (P < 0.001). Of the grandmultiparas,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the common characteristics of a rare entity of ovarian cystic teratoma with intracystic floating balls in conjunction with a case. DESIGN Case report. SETTING University hospital. PATIENT(S) A 41-year-old woman with abdominal discomfort and a 2-year obscure history of an ovarian cyst. INTERVENTION(S) Right(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the risk factors related to gynecology and obstetrics, and the incidence of urethral syndrome in our gynecological practice. STUDY DESIGN The study comprised 35 patients without urinary tract infection who admitted to our department of gynecology with the complaints of recurrent urinary irritation symptoms, sensation of incomplete(More)
A large yolk sac in a deformed shape gestational sac was detected by ultrasonography in an 8 week pregnant woman. The disappearance of the yolk sac and the gestational sac, enlargement of the uterine cavity and a heterogeneous appearance similar to early gestational trophoblastic disease were recognized when ultrasonographic examination was performed 2(More)
Hypospadias is an anomaly of the male urogenital tract which occurs as a result of deficient closure of the urethral groove. Hypospadias is the most commonly seen urogenital anomaly in male neonates, but it is rarely diagnosed during prenatal period. Herein, a severe hypospadias case which was diagnosed by using 2D (two-dimensional) and 3D(More)
Congenital hallux varus is a rare deformity of the great toe characterized by adduction of the hallux and medial displacement of the first metatarsophalangeal joint. Prenatal diagnosis of congenital hallux varus is presented herein. A 32-year-old woman was referred to our unit due to significant deviation of the fetal right great toe at 22(+2) weeks of(More)
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