Seb J. Savory

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The achievable transmission capacity of conventional optical fibre communication systems is limited by nonlinear distortions due to the Kerr effect and the difficulty in modulating the optical field to effectively use the available fibre bandwidth. In order to achieve a high information spectral density (ISD), while simultaneously maintaining transmission(More)
Superchannel transmission spaced at the symbol rate, known as Nyquist spacing, has been demonstrated for effectively maximizing the optical communication channel capacity and spectral efficiency. However, the achievable capacity and reach of transmission systems using advanced modulation formats are affected by fibre nonlinearities and equalization enhanced(More)
—The potential of optimum selection of modulation and forward error correction (FEC) overhead (OH) in future transparent nonlinear optical mesh networks is studied from an information theory perspective. Different network topologies are studied as well as both ideal soft-decision (SD) and hard-decision (HD) FEC based on demap-and-decode (bit-wise)(More)
—In this Letter we analyze the benefit of digital compensation of fiber nonlinearity, where the digital signal processing is divided between the transmitter and receiver. The application of the Gaussian noise model indicates that, where there are two or more spans, it is always beneficial to split the nonlinearity compensation. The theory is verified via(More)
—Current research efforts are focussed on overcoming the apparent limits of communication in single mode optical fibre resulting from distortion due to fibre nonlinearity. It has been experimentally demonstrated that this Kerr nonlinearity limit is not a fundamental limit; thus it is pertinent to review where the fundamental limits of optical communications(More)
We investigate the optimization of routing, modulation format adaptation, spectral and launch power assignment as a means of improving the utilization of limited network resources and increasing the network throughput. We consider a transparent optical network operating in the nonlinear transmission regime and using the latest software adapted coherent(More)
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