Seangshik Oh

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We report the THz response of thin films of the topological insulator Bi2Se3. At low frequencies, transport is essentially thickness independent showing the dominant contribution of the surface electrons. Despite their extended exposure to ambient conditions, these surfaces exhibit robust properties including narrow, almost thickness-independent Drude(More)
Plasmons are quantized collective oscillations of electrons and have been observed in metals and doped semiconductors. The plasmons of ordinary, massive electrons have been the basic ingredients of research in plasmonics and in optical metamaterials for a long time. However, plasmons of massless Dirac electrons have only recently been observed in graphene,(More)
Topological insulators have been proposed to be best characterized as bulk magnetoelectric materials that show response functions quantized in terms of fundamental physical constants. Here, we lower the chemical potential of three-dimensional (3D) Bi2Se3 films to ~30 meV above the Dirac point and probe their low-energy electrodynamic response in the(More)
After the discovery of Dirac electrons in condensed matter physics, more specifically in graphene and its derivatives, their potentialities in the fields of plasmonics and photonics have been readily recognized, leading to a plethora of applications in active and tunable optical devices. Massless Dirac carriers have been further found in three-dimensional(More)
We report on a systematic investigation of the critical fluctuations in the complex conductivity of epitaxially grown Bi2Sr2CaCu2O81d films for T&Tc using a two-coil inductive technique at zero applied field. We observe the static three-dimensional ~3D! XY critical exponent in the superfluid density near Tc . Linear scaling analysis close to the critical(More)
We have utilized time-domain magnetoterahertz spectroscopy to investigate the low-frequency optical response of the topological insulator Cu_{0.02}Bi_{2}Se_{3} and Bi_{2}Se_{3} films. With both field and frequency dependence, such experiments give sufficient information to measure the mobility and carrier density of multiple conduction channels(More)
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