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Recent surveys indicate that the financial impact and operating losses due to insider intrusions are increasing. But these studies often disagree on what constitutes an " insider; " indeed, many define it only implicitly. In theory, appropriate selection of, and enforcement of, properly specified security policies should prevent legitimate users from(More)
In recent years, the development of programmable graphics pipelines has placed the power of parallel computation in the hands of consumers. Systems developers are now paying attention to the general purpose computational ability of these graphics processor units, or GPUs, and are using them in novel ways. This paper examines using pixel shaders for(More)
The spontaneous pseudoseizures resembling tonic-clonic seizures in 25 patients were recorded on simultaneous videotape and electroencephalograms and were compared with the seizures recorded from 25 patients with true tonic-clonic epileptic events. The goal of the comparison was to identify bedside clinical criteria to assist in differentiating between the(More)
Network protocols continue to suffer from well documented vulnerabilities. Despite this, a practical methodology for classifying these vulnerabilities does not exist. In this paper, we present such a methodology. We have developed a grammar for expressing network protocol exploits in terms of vulnera-bilities and symptoms. Vulnerabilities are defined by(More)
The striking excess of affected males in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) suggests that genes located on chromosome X contribute to the etiology of these disorders. To identify new X-linked genes associated with ASD, we analyzed the entire chromosome X exome by next-generation sequencing in 12 unrelated families with two affected males. Thirty-six possibly(More)
The Neer and Hawkins impingement signs are commonly used to diagnose subacromial pathology, but the anatomy of these maneuvers has not been well elucidated in vivo. This 3-dimensional open magnetic resonance imaging study characterized shoulder anatomy and rotator cuff impingement in 8 normal volunteers placed in the Neer and Hawkins positions. Subacromial(More)
  • Sophie Engle, Sean Whalen, Damien Howard, Matt Bishop
  • 2005
We present a classification scheme based on conditions which must hold for a vulnerability to exist. This scheme allows for vulnerabilities to fall into multiple classes without ambiguity, and enables analysts to focus on the causes of vulnerabilities. We use a tree-based approach to organize these conditions at different levels of abstraction.
Much of the literature on insider threat assumes, explicitly or implicitly, a binary, perimeter-based notion of an insider. However, it is generally accepted that this notion is unrealistic. The Attribute-Based Group Access Control (ABGAC) framework is a generalization of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) which allows us to define a non-binary notion of "(More)
Parallel computation in a high performance computing environment can be characterized by the distributed memory access patterns of the underlying algorithm. During execution , networks of compute nodes exchange messages that indirectly exhibit these access patterns. Thus, identifying the algorithm underlying these observable messages is the problem of(More)
—The combination of multiple classifiers using ensemble methods is increasingly important for making progress in a variety of difficult prediction problems. We present a comparative analysis of several ensemble methods through two case studies in genomics, namely the prediction of genetic interactions and protein functions, to demonstrate their efficacy on(More)