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Leaves have a central role in plant energy capture and carbon conversion and therefore must continuously adapt their development to prevailing environmental conditions. To reveal the dynamic systems behaviour of leaf development, we profiled Arabidopsis leaf number six in depth at four different growth stages, at both the end-of-day and end-of-night, in(More)
The eye of the deep-sea penaeid shrimp Gennadas consists of approximately 700 square ommatidia with a side length of 15 micrometer. It is hemispherical in shape and is located at the end of a 1.5 mm long eye stalk. The cornea is extremely thin, but the crystalline cone is well-developed. A clear zone between dioptric structures and the rhabdom layer is(More)
Results are reported from beam test measurements of one of the first commercial prototype gallium arsenide microstrip detectors. The detector consisted of 128 strips on a 50µm pitch, with a wafer thickness of 200µm. Operating at a bias of 180V, the detector produced a signal to noise ratio of 19 to 1, with a particle detection efficiency of better than 99%.(More)
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