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Virtual Machines(VMs) refer to the software implementation of a computer that runs its own operating system and applications as if it is a physical machine. Live migration of VMs allows a server administrator to move a running virtual machine among different physical machines without disconnecting the client or application. Total migration time and downtime(More)
Fixed parameter approach is one of the theoretically rich and useful design technique to deal with NP-completeness. It analizes running times both in terms of input size and the parameter. The fixed parameter O(1) tractable problems can be solved in time f (k)*n<sup>O(1)</sup>(where n is the size of the given object) for some computable function f. Three(More)
Database as a Service (DaaS) is one among the latest service models offered by cloud computing and is adapted by most of the organizations. Database fragmentation, replication and allocation are the key issues to be tackled by most of the DaaS framework. Out of these issues the problem of replication is discussed throughout this paper. Optimizing the(More)
Computing flow in a directed graph is a fundamental problem to which other programs can be reduced. The objective associated with the flow networks problem is to maximize the flow through the network. So it is usually studied within the field of Optimization. A parallel approach for obtaining maximum flow in a network is presented here. The concept of(More)
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