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BACKGROUND The role of the innate immune system in the development of thrombotic microangiopathy (TM) after alpha1,3-galactosyltransferase gene-knockout (GTKO) pig organ transplantation in primates is uncertain. METHODS Twelve organs (nine hearts, three kidneys) from GTKO pigs were transplanted into baboons that received no immunosuppressive therapy,(More)
We describe the incidence of early graft failure (EGF, defined as loss of function from any cause within 3 days after transplant) in a large cohort of GalTKO pig organs transplanted into baboons in three centers, and the effect of additional expression of a human complement pathway-regulatory protein, CD46 or CD55 (GalTKO.hCPRP). Baboon recipients of(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperacute rejection (HAR) and early graft failure (EGF) have been described in a minority of pig-to-baboon heart transplants using organs transgenic for human complement regulatory proteins (hCRP). Here we investigate the role of coagulation cascade activation in the pathogenesis of HAR and EGF in a consecutive series where a high incidence of(More)
BACKGROUND The induced antibodies against Galalpha1,3Gal (Gal) and non-Gal epitopes may contribute to delayed xenograft rejection (DXR). We asked whether blockade of the CD40/CD154 and CD28/B7 co-stimulatory pathways modulates the baboon elicited antibody response to pig Gal and non-Gal antigens. METHODS Eighteen baboons received heterotopic heart(More)
OBJECTIVE Osteomyelitis of the skull is a rare condition that can lead to systemic illness, bone loss, intracranial complications, and mortality. Osteomyelitis of the skull typically presents as the boney invasion of an overlying infection of the scalp or sinuses, and it is typically treated with antibiotics and proper wound care. Surgical debridement of(More)
Objective: Combined liposuction and abdominoplasty, or lipoabdominoplasty, is particularly helpful in sculpting a more aesthetically pleasing abdominal contour, particularly in the supraumbilical midline groove. This groove, coined the "champagne groove" by one of our patients, is a frequently sought-after attribute by patients. However, liposuction adds(More)
Suction drainage with a Jackson-Pratt, Blake, or Hemovac drain is commonly employed for postoperative drainage of a variety of sites including the abdomen, pelvis, cutaneous tissue flaps, and skin grafts. Some patients may express complaints of discomfort and pain around the skin at the tube’s insertion site and/or where it is sutured in place. There is no(More)
Breast reconstruction with implantable devices is now the most common type of technique utilized following mastectomy. Because infections are one of the most common complications for the procedure and currently no one method has been proven to stand above the rest, we designed and implemented a novel technique that employed 24 hours continuous(More)
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