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BACKGROUND Maladaptive behaviours are frequently present in individuals with learning disabilities; however, their prevalence varies between studies and the aetiology, classification and most appropriate management of such behaviors remain unclear. The aims of the study were twofold: firstly to determine the prevalence of maladaptive behaviours, and(More)
Brain-training software and websites are becoming more prevalent nowadays because of their wide availability and the key idea that they enable people to independently improve their memory and problem solving skills. Such systems offer a simple alternative to expensive specialized stroke rehabilitation software. Our research seeks to investigate the(More)
For individuals with cognitive impairment (CI), the inability to effectively perform mental tasks required for independent daily living can severely limit one's functionality in their daily living. The overarching goal of this dissertation is to develop an online just-in-time assessment of an individual's cognitive state in a way that is the least intrusive(More)
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