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Investigation of accelerated neutral atom beams created from gas cluster ion beams
Abstract A new concept for ultra-shallow processing of surfaces known as accelerated neutral atom beam (ANAB) technique employs conversion of energetic gas cluster ions produced by the gas clusterExpand
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Neutral atom beam technique enhances bioactivity of PEEK
Abstract Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is currently gaining popularity in orthopedic and spinal applications but has potential drawbacks in use. PEEK is biocompatible, similar in elasticity to bone,Expand
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Surface bioactivation of PEEK by neutral atom beam technology
Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is an alternative to metallic implants and a material of choice in many applications, including orthopedic, spinal, trauma, and dental. While titanium (Ti) and Ti-alloysExpand
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Impact of gas cluster ion and accelerated neutral atom beam surface treatments on the laser-induced damage threshold of ceramic Yb:YAG
We describe the application of the gas cluster ion beam (GCIB) and of the accelerated neutral atom beam (ANAB) surface treatments to ceramic Yb:YAG. We demonstrate that these techniques allowExpand
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Mitigation of EUV mask blank substrate pit and scratch defects by Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) processing
EUV mask blank substrates will be subject to extraordinarily demanding requirements upon flatness, smoothness and absence of residual defects. To date, no combination of available surface preparationExpand
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Improved laser damage threshold performance of calcium fluoride optical surfaces via Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) processing
Optics are not keeping up with the pace of laser advancements. The laser industry is rapidly increasing its power capabilities and reducing wavelengths which have exposed the optics as a weak link inExpand
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Méthode de traitement pour inhiber la fixation de thrombocytes et articles traités selon cette méthode
L'invention concerne un dispositif, tel qu'un dispositif medical, et un procede de fabrication d'un tel dispositif, qui permet d'obtenir une surface modifiee par exposition de ladite surface auExpand
Application of Gas Cluster Ion and Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam Surface Treatments to Yb:YAG Gain Material
We propose the application of the Gas Cluster Ion Beam (GCIB) and of the Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) surface treatments to ceramic Yb:YAG gain material and demonstrate their suitability forExpand
Procédé de modification de la mouillabilité et/ou d'autres caractéristiques de biocompatibilité d'une surface d'un matériau biologique par application d'une technologie de faisceau d'ions par amas
L'invention porte sur un procede de preparation d'un materiau biologique en vue d'une implantation. L'invention porte egalement sur un materiau biologique destine a une implantation chirurgicale.Expand
Procédés permettant d'améliorer les caractéristiques de bioactivité d'une surface et objets comportant des surfaces améliorées au moyen desdits procédés
La presente invention concerne un procede qui permet d'ameliorer la bioactivite d'une surface d'un objet implantable comprenant de l'oxyde de titane, du titane et un alliage de titane, et/ou duExpand