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BACKGROUND Lumbar spine radiography has limited use in diagnosing the cause of acute low back pain. Consensus-based guidelines recommend that lumbar spine x-rays are not used routinely. However there have been no studies of the effect of referral for radiography at first presentation with low back pain in primary care. AIM To compare short and long-term(More)
Fruit and vegetable consumption is below recommended levels in the population, paricularly in low-income groups. This study assessed factors associated with self-reported intake and 2 biomarkers (potassium excretion and plasma vitamin C) in 271 adults living in a low-income neighborhood. Attitudinal barriers to change were negatively related to reported(More)
This study assessed psychological and social factors predicting 12-month changes in fruit and vegetable consumption achieved by 271 men and women from a low-income population randomized to brief behavioral and nutrition education counseling. Greater increases in fruit and vegetable intake were achieved in the behavioral than in the nutrition education(More)
INTRODUCTION Professionalism and its assessment across the medical education continuum have become prominent topics in recent years. We consider the nature of professionalism and how it emerges and relates to the work carried out by doctors and doctors-in-training. THESIS AND DISCUSSION We suggest 6 domains in which evidence of professionalism can be(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Primary care databases form a unique source of population-based clinical information on the prevalence and management of diagnosed disorders. Historically such databases have lacked individual level socio-economic markers. We describe the development of the Doctors' Independent Network (DIN) database for epidemiological and health(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the effect of brief behavioural counselling in general practice on patients' consumption of fruit and vegetables in adults from a low income population. DESIGN Parallel group randomised controlled trial. SETTING Primary health centre in a deprived, ethnically mixed inner city area. PARTICIPANTS 271 patients aged 18-70 years(More)
The associations between sociodemographic variables, psychological factors, and changes in dietary fat consumption over 4 months were assessed in a randomized controlled trial of behavioral counseling versus standard advice. Patients were 141 men and 150 women, with an average age of 52.1 years and total cholesterol level of 7.27 mmol/l (278 mg/dl).(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiovascular health promotion is an important element of national health strategy, but doubts have been raised about current methods, and attitudes among general practice staff are ambivalent. OBJECTIVES We aimed to assess attitudes to cardiovascular health promotion, opinions about efficacy and perceptions of skills in lifestyle counselling(More)
BACKGROUND We conducted a search of 12 practices' routinely collected computer data in three localities across the UK and found that 4.9% of the registered population had an estimated glomerular filtration rate (GFR) of <60 ml/min/1.73 m(2) (equivalent to stages 3-5 CKD). Only 3.6% of these were known to have renal disease. Although UK general practice is(More)
We have carried out a randomised trial comparing brief behavioural counselling with nutritional education counselling to increase fruit and vegetable consumption and associated biomarkers in adults from a low-income neighbourhood. The objective of the present analysis was to assess the impact of interventions on quality of life and health status, and(More)