Sean P Redmond

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Diabetes mellitus is the most common chronic metabolic disease and a major source of morbidity and mortality. Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is by far the most prevalent form of diabetes accounting for around 90% of cases worldwide. In recent years it has become apparent that a diabetes epidemic is unfolding as a result of increasing obesity, sedentary lifestyles(More)
Vocal fold nodules (VNs) in children are benign, bilateral lesions occurring on the mid-membranous vocal folds. Repetitive phonotraumatic behavior leading to chronic vocal fold injury and repair is frequently cited as the primary etiology; however, specific behavioral characteristics may predispose some children toward intense and potentially phonotraumatic(More)
Alternating verbs to indicate or to relinquish cause requires an understanding of semantic and syntactic knowledge. This study evaluated the ability of children with specific language impairment (SLI) to produce the causative alternation in comparison to age peers and to language peers. The children with SLI were proficient in lexically alternating verbs,(More)
To investigate current advice given to insulin-treated diabetic patients undertaking international flights crossing time-zones, we have conducted a survey of UK physicians running diabetic clinics. Consultants were asked to give the general advice they would give to travellers on twice-daily short- and intermediate-acting insulins in four different flight(More)
This study examined the prevalence and impact of moderate to severe RLS (MS-RLS) in primary care patients in Ireland. Patients completed a screening questionnaire and those with symptoms suggestive of MS-RLS underwent a diagnostic interview. Patients diagnosed with MS-RLS completed quality of life and sleep assessment questionnaires, and their medical(More)
'Alternative' medicines are becoming increasingly popular, and in this paper we describe our experience with alternative approaches to orthodox diabetes management. Four patients with insulin-dependent diabetes reduced or stopped their insulin in favour of therapeutic approaches including prayer, faith healing, unusual diets, and supplements of vitamins and(More)
BACKGROUND Lack of agreement about criteria and terminology for children's language problems affects access to services as well as hindering research and practice. We report the second phase of a study using an online Delphi method to address these issues. In the first phase, we focused on criteria for language disorder. Here we consider terminology. (More)
The potent and selective 3-amido-4-anilinoquinoline CSF-1R inhibitor AZ683 suffered from cardiovascular liabilities, which were linked to the off-target activities of the compound and ion channel activity in particular. Less basic and less lipophilic examples from both the quinoline and cinnoline series demonstrated cleaner secondary pharmacology profiles.(More)
A proposal is made to help the implementation of the British Diabetic Association dataset for diabetes care in those sites of care where information technology has yet to be established, or is in need of modification. A stepped approach is suggested and priorities identified.